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There’s always something new at Natural Pet Specialties. We are constantly on the lookout for holistic, natural pet food—the kind of quality products anyone would be proud to feed to their pets. So find out what your next best seller from Natural Pet Specialties will be…

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Are cats really finicky eaters, or do they just turn their noses up at substandard fare? Supermarket brands simply don’t satisfy their desire for natural, nutritious food. At Natural Pet Specialties, we put pet health and wellbeing first. That’s why the cat food we offer is made only with premium meat, vegetable and grain products, with essential vitamins and minerals to help every Natural Pet Specialties-fed cat live a long, happy and healthy life.

Our premier cat products:

Manufacturer Catalog Price Sheet
Alzoo (PDF) (PDF)
Cranimals (PDF) (PDF)
Crumps (PDF) (PDF)
Ethical Pet Productions (PDF) (PDF)
Feline Fresh Litter
Get Serious! (PDF) (PDF)
Jolly Pets (PDF) (PDF)
Loving Pet Bowls (PDF) (PDF)
Petastic (PDF) (PDF)
Petite Cuisine (PDF) (PDF)
PetKind (PDF) (PDF)
Pioneer Pets (PDF) (PDF)
Precious Cat Litter (PDF) (PDF)
Simply Pine (PDF) (PDF)
Wild Calling Pet Food (PDF)

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