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natural bird seedDid you know that many of the top brands of wild bird food include artificial colors, filler seeds, poorly cleaned seed, Chinese vitamins and even floor sweepings? At Western Plains Seed we offer only natural quality seed and grain ingredients, and this same high quality is used in all of our wild bird and wildlife mixtures. We source only providers that meet our high quality criteria. Wild birds and wildlife are smart; they know when seed is old or does not offer any nutritional value. That is why the consumer complains of seed getting kicked out of the feeder and not consumed. Western Plains Seed’s “Wild Thing!” mixtures contain seed and grain the wild birds relish and eat quickly, thus returning the consumer back to your store at regular intervals.

Our handpicked wild bird products:

Manufacturer Catalog Price Sheet
Aspects WB Feeders (PDF) (PDF)
CS Suets (PDF) (PDF)
Kent Feed (PDF) (PDF)
L' Avian (PDF) (PDF)
NO-NO Feeders (PDF) (PDF)
Stovall Feeders (PDF) (PDF)
Wild Delight (PDF) (PDF)
Wild Thing! (PDF) (PDF)
Wild Thing! Frozen Bone Patties (PDF) (PDF)

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